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660 AM WFAN Rick Wolff’s 5/15/16 Show – Jeff Passan Author of The Arm – Pitching Injuries

This past weekend while preparing myself (psyching myself up) to go into the gym, I found myself listening to 660 AM WFAN out of New York (yes, go ahead and boo me Philly) but an interesting interview was done with Jeff Passan, Author of The Arm and the title of the segment was:

Why So Many Young Pitchers Suffer Arm Injuries: A Candid Interview with Jeff Passan, author of THE ARM

You can find the podcast at:

Jeff Passan is a baseball columnist at Yahoo! Sports ( ) who is also the author The Arm: Inside the Billion-Dollar Mystery of the Most Valuable Commodity in Sports which has been pulling in some great reviews at  While the interview itself was only about 20-25 minutes long discounting commercials, Jeff’s attitude was that Major League Baseball’s help in trying to push for better protocols and awareness is needed strongly at this time.

Outside of Jeff’s new book and his large speaking platform on throwing related injuries, we see a great deal of baseball players in our office for throwing related injuries, sore shoulders, back pain and stiffness, and many other issues.  One of the very best articles on throwing and baseball related injuries and prevention is authored by Dr’s James Andrews, Mary Lloyd Ireland,  and Glenn S. Fleisig at STOP Sports Injuries.  The tip sheet discusses when to throw a fast ball, a curve ball, a screw ball, a knuckle ball, and much more important information young pitchers need to know.

Baseball Injury Tip Sheet:

If you or a young athlete need a baseball ache/pain/injury looked at  this baseball season, please give us a call at 856.228.3100.  We use many of the same techniques that professional baseball players seek out for treatment for all sorts of baseball related issues, including Active Release Technique, Chiropractic Manipulation, and Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation just to name a few.