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Big News! The Mount Laurel Office Opens Next Week!

For weeks now we have been bursting at the seams to announce that the Mount Laurel, NJ office is ready to open it’s doors and we can finally say that it is happening next week! We had our hiccups, but now that the office is getting ready to open, we are as excited as ever to get this project kicked into the next gear.

The office was designed from the ground up to be something that our entire team has been wanting to do for well over a year now, to have a Chiropractic and Active Release office that also offers functional training methods like Pilates, ELDOA, Yoga and more, with the space to easily support it all is what we went after.  Half of the office will be based around what you normally expect from our team, Chiropractic, Active Release Technique with the other half of the office housing Framework Bodies Pilates and Functional Movement. 

We are in the same building as Bank of America, Victoria’s Bagel Bistro, Rita’s Water Ice, Atlantic Care Urgent Care, Tres Yan and Wu and Mount Laurel Photo. We are on the second floor of the building meaning you will enter the building between Tres Yan and Wu and the Florist. You will then take the stairs or elevator to our second floor office we are sharing with Framework Pilates and Ultimate Mortgage!

Here are some photos of the office taken earlier this week as we cleaned and setup for the chiropractic side of the office to be fully ready to go next week (08/07/2017 – 08/11/2017).  Please note these pictures are 4 days old at this point and things have progressed along further, we just haven’t taken updated photos yet!  For any and all information on appointments at our Mount Laurel office, please always call our main phone number at 856.228.3100

If you are looking to get in touch with Framework Pilates and Functional Movement, you can call to schedule a class at 856.761.2332.

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One of the hallmarks of our newest office is the addition of one of the very few Cox 8 Flexion Distraction tables in New Jersey.  The Cox 8 Flexion Distraction are unique in that they very gently treat and restore normal spinal joint function, decompress herniated discs, and in some cases can help relieve issues associated with spinal stenosis to varying degrees.  Below are some videos of the Cox 8 Flexion Distraction in action.

If you have any questions, please call our office at 856.228.3100 or use the contact us form on our website below!