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Bucks native, a yoga star on Instagram, tells newbies to take it slow by Elizabeth Licorish PhillyVoice Contributor

YouTube superstars, Instagram superstars, Facebook superstars, Yoga superstars, PokemonGO superstars are exploding onto the web each and every day.  Did we just mention PokemonGO on this blog?  You bet we did and we don’t even know what a Pokemon is.  Earlier this spring, Dr. Craig Evans was interviewed on a few things related to injuries and Yoga but not just in relation to “OK, I tried yoga and got hurt” but way more along the lines of “OK, I tried to do YOGA like the Instagram superstar I followed and got hurt doing movements and poses way over my head”.  The article was published locally by and was written by local writer and runner, Elizabeth Licorish.

Here is a sample of the article for all you yogi’s, but we high encourage you FOLLOW the link below and READ ON!

Dr. Craig Evans of Glen Oaks Health and Spine Center in Haddonfield, Camden County, says he treats several patients a month. He said it’s not just the spine that’s susceptible, as other parts of the body, especially existing weak and vulnerable spots, can flare into full-blown injuries when beginner yogis take on too much too soon.

“Injuries that have been lingering or latent for some time are more easily exacerbated,” Evans said. “Older or chronic injuries are often the basis of what pops up when using your body for yoga, or any other activity.”

Evans believes that yoga, practiced appropriately to a student’s skill level, along with other activities like foam rolling, swimming and Pilates can strengthen the body and help prevent other sports related injuries. But, he said, it’s important for beginners to have realistic expectations, especially when viewing the discipline on social media.

“Facebook and Instagram have made it very easy for beginners to tune in and watch masters of their trade, whether it be yoga, CrossFit, marathoning, powerlifting, or any other form of training,” Evans said. “When much less experienced beginners try to replicate advanced performance, things don’t always go as planned. That’s how injuries happen.”