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COVID-19 an opportunity for education

The COVID-19 pandemic is creating new challenges for just about everybody in the western world. As we work to stay healthy – we’re going to unprecedented lengths to help protect the most vulnerable in the community and slow the spread of the virus to lessen the load on the healthcare system.

At the urging of both state and federal authorities, we have closed all five of our offices to do our part. Our first priority remains and always will be the well-being of our patients and their families.

Since we can’t do what we love, taking care of our patients, we’re using the downtime to hit the books, getting certifications and meeting other continuing education obligations.

Active Release Techniques®

Specifically, we’re working on ART – Active Release Techniques®. To accommodate COVID-19 restrictions, the ART organization has graciously adjusted its educational offerings to include online recertifications. All the doctors on our team will be up to date once we get past the crisis and start seeing patients again.

ART has really changed the game in our practice. We use the techniques to help athletes of all levels get better and stronger after injury. It’s become our gold standard, empowering recovery to safely return to play.

When I started out, chiropractic was focused on spine alignment. We paid little attention to soft tissue. Our knowledge has evolved since then. Today, we know that the health of the connective tissue is equally important, the focus of ART treatment. It makes sense. After all, every part of the body works in concert with all the other parts. Training and protocols like ART give chiropractors tools to treat the whole athlete – bringing all the elements together for healing and performance.

Active Release Techniques®

And it gives the surgeons and therapists we support another option for success, especially for injuries less responsive to traditional treatment. I remain enthusiastic and excited about the power of ART. It’s the reason so many coaches, trainers, doctors and therapists call on us to get and keep their athletes off the bench.

There’s one thing, I’m sure of. We will get through this. In fact, I believe we will come out of it even stronger, as individuals, professionals and as a community. Until we reopen and see you again, all the best. Stay well and stay safe.

– Dr. Mark