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The Dan Patrick Show – Dan Patrick brings a Chiropractor to the studio for low back pain with sciatica!

You should probably know know who Dan Patrick is, but if you don’t, he has his own sports talk show that is nationally syndicated across the country and currently hosts NFL Sunday Night pre-game and post-games shows on NBC.  Before that however, we worked several years as one of the ESPN anchors who more or less built the mother ship.  Just recently another Chiro shared this video because someone called into The Dan Patrick show asking about chiropractors and sports teams and they actually shot this behind the scenes video for YouTube!  The first video below is very short and sweet and the second video is about three times as long and shows you some more.  Being that Dan Patrick is a big star on both radio and television, he was lucky enough that Dr. Lee Rumley came to his studio in Connecticut to treat him!

Video:  Behind the scenes (DP’s Chiropractic visit)

Video:  Dr. Lee Rumley treats Dan’s sciatica in the Man Cave

While what is shown in this videos is good, I believe they played up some of this to an extent for TV.  If you suffer with low back pain, sciatica, or any other form of issue, you should probably think over giving us a call!  We can do everything you saw in this video and so much more.  These videos showed very little soft tissue work being done to help correct low back pain and sciatica long term.  We would also follow up after a few visits with recommendations for physical therapy or home based corrective exercise.

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Would you like the original link to The Dan Patrick Show for the video?

Trying to fix Dan’s back during the show

If you are familiar with The DP Show, you should probably note how The Dannette’s huddle around the entire time, it’s pretty cute when you watch it from that view point.