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Dr Andrew Gross shows off a lot of ART (Active Release) at CrossFit Novems Ugly Singlet Lift Off Power Lifting Event

The big cat himself, Dr. Andrew Gross jumped in for Dr. Craig who was not able to attend CrossFit Novems “Ugly Singlet Lift Off” power lifting competition held this past weekend in Fishtown, a neighborhood in Philly.  There were around 60 competitors at this event that was very well run and gave us a powerful platform to show how effective ART (Active Release Technique) can be for athletes, even during an event like this one.  A traditional power lifting event like this one uses a total score that combines your bench press, dead lift, and squat and puts you against others in a similar weight category.  This event was mostly for fun and for those who are regular members at Novem CrossFit and Novem Barbell club, both of which are housed in Fishtown, Philadelphia, PA.  Here are a few of the pictures we scored from the event and we look forward to being invited back soon!  Please remember that the pictures below might show creative athletes having a good time with ugly sweaters and ugly singlets!  


dr-andrew-gross-ugly-singlet-lift-off-crossfit-novem crossfit-novem-philly-ugly-singlet-dead-lift crossfit-novem-philly-ugly-singlet-lift-off-2 crossfit-novem-philly-ugly-singlet-lift-off crossfit-novem-philly-ugly-singlet-winner-medals crossfit-novem-power-lifting-federal-donuts crossfit-novem-power-lifting-ugly-singlet-christmas crossfit-novem-ugly-singlet-lift-off-prize-rack crossfit-powerlifting-meet-dr-andrew-gross

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CrossFit Novem and Novem Barbell Club:  CrossFit Novem – Novem Barbell Club

Active Release Technique:  Active Release Technique – Athletes Only

Federal Donuts:  Federal Donuts and Fried Chicken – A Philly Original

La Colombe Coffee Roasters Fishtown –