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Dr Mark Kemenosh Seminar Recap – Guy Voyer, DO – Joint Pumping – Articular Pumping

While at the Titlest Performance Institute World Golf Fitness Summit a few weeks ago, Dr. Mark Kemenosh was introduced to Guy Voyer and Dan Hellman who were teaching an elective course on techniques they have been developing for several years now.  Who is Guy Voyer, DO?  Check out the link below!

This past weekend Dr. Mark was in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for a follow up seminar on articular pumping or more commonly referred to as joint pumping.  Dan Hellman refers to the techniques below in an excerpt taken from his website.

Structures That Need Pumping?

What is articular pumping?  The first thing we need to define is what is an articulation.  An articulation is a “joint” that is usually formed of fibrous connective tissue and cartilage.  There are many types of joints and they are usually grouped according to their motion.  Joints are often subject to arthritis, capsulitis, arthroses, traumas, sprains, strains and tendinitises.  The same way a cylinder slides inside a piston and requires oil, the proper functioning of joint calls for synovial fluid.  The body also contains little “sponge like” structures called bursa.  When the bursa is well hydrated, they prevent friction between tendons and ligaments acting like tiny shock absorbers.

What Is Pumping?

For all the reasons listed above, the joint fluids must be mobilized with a gentle technique called articular pumping.  With this in mind, there is a very precise method of targeting a ligament, tendon or joint capsule with over 600 precise pumping techniques.  Pumping of the joints is like taking your car in for a “grease job” to lubricate all the joints.  The technique feels amazing and the results are dramatic.

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Here are some pictures of Dr. Mark’s adventures this past weekend at the seminar.

Dr Mark looks forward to integrating some articular pumping techniques into our routine of Chiropractic and Active Release treatments here at the office.  If you are in need of joint or muscle related pain in South Jersey or Philly, give our front desk a call at 856-228-3100.