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Dr’s Mark, Andrew and Craig all took Active Release Techniques Nerve Entrapment Seminar this past weekend

This past weekend, Dr’s Mark Kemenosh, Andrew Gross, and Craig Evans all made the trek to Iselin, NJ where ART instructors Dr. Tony Criscuolo and Dr. John Schneider hosted the Long Nerve Entrapment Seminar session of Active Release Techniques.  The seminar was very interesting and getting to learn from Dr. Criscuolo is a very interesting event because he has one of the first officially treated patients using Active Release, dating back to 1991, give or take a year at this point as he described it.  Dr. Schneider is also a very interesting instructor because of his dealings primarily with NFL athletes around the New York area for most of his career.

The Long Nerve Entrapment seminar is very progressive in it’s management of soft tissue injuries as it attempts to actually move the nerve through the tissues proximally and distally to the maximum extent possible by moving every joint and body part that the nerve crosses.  Nerve adhesion’s and entrapment sites can be particularly painful because they affect the actual piece of tissue that transmits pain signals to our brains.  The nerves especially in some sports injuries can become adhered with other tissues during the healing process, and become exceptionally tender long after the actual problem is healed.  Seeking out nerve entrapment’s can be particularly important in chronic ankle sprains, general foot pain that has been present for some time, chronic low back pain, tennis elbow, golfers elbow, throwers arm, and many other common injuries.

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Here are few candid pics of Dr. Craig Evans, Dr. Andrew Gross, and Dr. Mark Kemenosh practicing on each other and getting critiqued by the instructors!

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