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Erin Stephens talks about Active Release Technique on

While searching around the internet for Active Release related information, I found this story over at where the author, Erin Stephens, is talking about how she started using Active Release and immediately found value in Chiropractic care with Active Release.


The cool thing about someone like Erin speaking so highly of Active Release treatment is that she is a former Boston Marathon qualifier who then found herself wanting to participate in running an IronMan.  I encourage you highly to check out her article online at  In the article, the author states:

“When I stumbled into ART, it was a huge relief.  I broke up with my aqua jogging belt for the time being and got back to what I love.  Now I go to a session once a month or so for maintenance.  She opens me up, breaks up the beginning of any scar tissue, and allows my body to take on more.  My training as a result, has been able to stay consistent.  With consistent training comes some sweet results.  (Hello, PR’s!).”

To us, this is just another great story about how Active Release can help the endurance athlete.