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Exercise and Chiropractic Therapy go hand in hand!

Continuing on from some earlier blog posts about the spine needing some form of moderate movement to stay healthy, a recent article went live on which talked in depth to the importance of exercise when coupled with chiropractic treatments.  Here at the office it is very common for us to prescribe you corrective exercises, for you to do on your own, once your dysfunctional areas are addressed and corrected to at least some degree using Active Release Technique and Joint Manipulation.

According to the Scientific Commission of the Council on Chiropractic Guidelines and Practice Parameters:

  • Strong evidence supports exercise as being at least as effective as other non-surgical treatments for chronic low back pain
  • Moderate evidence supports use of graded-activity exercise program in occupational settings for sub-acute lower back pain
  • Some evidence shows that exercises are no more effective than other nonsurgical treatments for acute lower back pain

The full article can be found at:

Aside from specific exercises designed to correct and support chiropractic therapies and addressing your personal dysfunctions, exercise itself, even as simple as walking, helps greatly promote other vital areas of health.  Keeping active and exercising helps to promote proper digestion, helps to maintain muscle tone, as well as promoting better circulation.

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