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Good Day Philadelphia – Playing childhood games linked to weight loss – What is up with Pokemon GO?

Good Day Philadelphia | WTXF – Fox29 Philly –

I truly loved this piece this morning that I caught on Good Day Philadelphia which greatly shed light on the fact that our young kids don’t remember, or were never taught, simple childhood and playground games which have been recently highlighted by a few studies as being more effective than running!  Games like skipping, hopscotch, four square, jumping rope, and so many others.

A few things that are fun and closely related to staying active and fit are as simple as having fun while you are doing it.  We are currently seeing the huge rise in kids playing Pokemon GO, chasing Pokemon characters all over town and being rewarded for walking, running, and riding their bikes to get them.  While there are some SERIOUS safety issues with having your face down in your phone when walking around neighborhoods and streets, there has been a positive effect happening in the areas of our home base office, Laurel Springs, NJ.  Right down the street from our headquarters there is a baseball field that is often times completely empty when there is not a baseball game being played.  Over the past 8 – 10 days, the turn out at that field and around the areas of the Gloucester Township Police Department headquarters has been strong and steady with young teens playing the popular game and meeting new people also playing.

So, if you are driving around the area near our home base office (corner of Chews Landing Road and Jefferson Drive) right between the Somerdale Fire Department and the Gloucester Township Police and Court buildings, be sure to watch out for young teens walking around with their heads down in Pokemon Go!  I know it’s not ideal, but they are out walking, talking, and no one has told them yet, EXERCISING!  


Oh, and just in case you need us because looking down at your Pokemon GO app has caused you some neck or upper back pain, we have you covered for that as well!  Just call us first when those shoulders, neck and back seem to feel tighter and tighter!  Be sure to have a great day!

Oh and one last parting note!  If you are looking for a good place to hunt Pokemon’s, one of our younger office helpers tells us that the areas in around our office on Chews Landing Road is a bit of a hot spot due to all the user activity converging on the area.  We will be sure to sweep the office soon, but as of right now, no one other than Julia has jumped into downloading the app.  Truth be told, I’m not even completely sure what a Pokemon is!

Author:  Craig Evans, DC, ART