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We got a shout out recently and you can bet we are going to let the world know!

Our good friend and patient recently gave us a shout out on her blog where she discusses all of the most important things in South Jersey, at least as they apply to her.  The blogger goes by the name FueledByLOLZ and we treated a few “pain in the butt” issues she had earlier this year and so far she has put herself back on track for some personal goals like running a sub 19 minute 5k race again.

You can find her blog at the following link:

Aside from working at the Haddonfield Running Co, some of Hollie’s PR’s include, a 1 mile PR of 5:31, a 5k PR of 18:35, a 10k PR of 39.04, a 10 mile PR of 1:03:10, a half marathon PR of 1:23:23, and a full marathon PR of 3:15:23, all of which are very impressive!  Give her blog a read when you have some time and prepare to be educated on New Jersey Diners, some fun local races, Coffee, and a lot of running related topics like running fashion, running training, and race preparation!