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Hey South Jersey Trail Runners – Google Maps is Mapping Hiking Trails with a 50 Pound Backpack

Remember the Google Cars that drove around just about every major highway and roadway in the United States and Canada.  Well now they have taken it to another level and are hikiing major trails in the USA and Canada with backpackers wearing a 50 pound pack that takes several pictures as they and tags them with GPS coordinates at the same time.

google-maps-hiking-trail-back-pack-appalachain-trail google-trail-hike-back-pack-guy google-street-view-hiker-back-pack-mapping-trails google-trail-hike-back-pack-guy-at-grand-canyon google-maps-hiking-skiing-mapping-ski-lifts-backpack google-mapper-marantz-new-york-city-north-jersey-goog-maps

Google Maps – Hiking Trail Pack System

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