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Keeping open communication is one key for parents to help young athletes prevent injuries

An awesome link popped up on our twitter feed this morning concerning parent-child communication being very important in helping to prevent injuries in younger athletes.  We have found that when children can openly discuss aches, pain, and injuries with their parents, they ultimately get better care and injuries are better tended to.  As parents ourselves, when your child hurts, it’s tough to not understand or have communication struggles on what the problem actually is.  We push all parents to see medical care for athletes as you see best fit.  Below are some great resources from STOP Sports Injuries

The Parents’ Toolkit includes sports injury prevention resources with the information you need to keep your kids safe while playing sports. You will find helpful conversation starters to help you communicate with your athletes to know when play is too much as well as tips sheets to encourage success in your athlete as well as tips for specific sports and types of injury.  Download the specific information that will be useful to you and help keep kids in the game for life!

They have injury specific resources like ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) injuries, concussions, heat illness (overheating), strength training tips, and even some light nutrition tips for young athletes.

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