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LA Times Article — Surfing icon Laird Hamilton shares his 10-point plan to live

Anyone that hangs around the office long enough knows that Dr. Kemenosh gets a little bit excited about surfing, paddle boarding, tropical storms, and just being around the ocean in general.  When this article went live on the LA Times website, I knew immediately we would have to link to it.  While a few of his theories are pretty strong, possibly even a bit over the top, you have to admit that at least some of them make great common sense.  In the article Laird talks about keeping up right and moving no matter what and that every day you must perform at least some level of moderate exercise.  He jumps into the importance of eating healthy fats to some extent.  Later in the article he talks about not being afraid to run around barefoot from time time to help keep the muscles in your feet healthy and mobile as well.

LA Times Article:

While we don’t support everything in this article because Laird operates at the level of a well paid professional athlete, it is important to give this article a look on how to improve yourself!

Oh, and just so you know he can surf, and his doggie Jack can to.  #OCNJ