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National Ninja League Event – Movement Lab – Hainesport, NJ

In the spring of 2016 (Febuary if memory serves me correctly) we were honored to help out with some amazing athletes at the National Ninja League event held at the Movement Lab in Hainesport, NJ.  Thanks to our friends at Pinnacle Parkour here in South Jersey, we were invited to help out with providing Active Release Technique to athletes with aches and pains!  As you can see from the pictures below, there was no small supply of bumps, bruises, sore low backs, and tight shoulders!

dr-andrew-gross-inversion-ankle-active-release-technique dr-andrew-gross-and-dr-craig-evans-active-release-technique-ninja-warrior dr-andrew-gross-art-national-ninja-league-new-jersey dr-tim-legath-piriformis-active-release-ninja-warrior movement-lab-hainesport-nj-national-ninja-league netherlands-ninja-perry-oosterlee-active-release nnl-ninjas-need-active-release-dr-legath-and-dr-gross nnl-event-hainespor-nj-dr-craig-and-perry-oosterlee dr-andrew-gross-national-ninja-league-hainesport-nj dr-tim-legath-national-ninja-league-south-jersey-event movement-lab-hainesport-nj-national-ninja-league movement-lab-south-jersey-national-ninja-league nnl-ninjas-need-active-release-dr-legath-and-dr-gross

Big shout out to Perry Oosterlee, the Netherlands Ninja who spotted us as soon as walked in!  I guess the tables and Active Release shirts just gave us away.  He was one of a few competitors who came all the way from Europe to compete in this event and he did quite well.

A huge thanks to the staff of the Movement Lab in Hainesport, NJ for inviting us in with open arms!

Here is some older video of Perry Oosterlee showing off his Ninja Warrior skills on a YouTube video!