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Need another reason to stop drinking diet soda? – Diet Soda in Pregnancy Is Linked to Overweight Babies

While I hate to post those scary, put the fear into people type of blog posts, one subject I like to take the gloves off is Diet Soda!  Recently a nice write up about diet soda during pregnancy has been linked to overweight babies.  The article looked at research done by Canadian researchers who studied 3,000 plus mothers who delivered healthy babies between 2009 and 2012 while prior to giving birth completed diet questionnaires.  The babies were then examined at the one year mark and the data compiled.  The study was posted in JAMA Pediatrics and found no association with infant birth weight, suggesting that the effect is on postnatal, not fetal growth.

Researchers were also good to promote the fact that “This is an association, and not a casual link” as stated by lead author, Meghan B. Azad who is an assistant professor at the University of Manitoba.  She states later that “But it certainly raises the question of whether artificial sweeteners are harmless.  It’s not time to ban them or tell everyone not to consume them, but there’s no great benefit to consuming these drinks, so there’s no harm in avoiding them.”

Those views are fantastic ways to look at just about everything concerning artificial sweeteners because they are more or less a poor choice for good health.  From achy joints to destroying the good bacteria living in our stomachs, artificial sweeteners are just that, artificial!

Find the full article on at The New York Times: