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NY Times: Soccer Ball Heading May Cause Concussion Symptoms – Journal of Neurology

So back in 2015 it was all the rage and outrage among those of you in the soccer communities because US Soccer made a mandate to eliminate heading in ages 10 and under as prefaced by this older article on


From NPR:

“Over a quarter of a billion people play soccer all across the world,” says Michael Lipton, a professor of radiology and psychiatry/behavioral sciences at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York and lead author on the study. “So it’s key to understand the long term effects of headers, a skill unique to the sport.”

From NYTimes:

The lead author, Dr. Michael L. Lipton, a professor of radiology at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Montefiore Medical Center, said the finding is just the beginning of an effort to understand the long-term implications of heading the ball, and whether all forms of heading carry similar risks. He said the data doesn’t yet support a ban on the practice of heading the ball.

“We don’t know how much is too much. It would be great to say ‘no heading,’ but we don’t have enough information to say that. Public health interventions have to be based on evidence.”

NYTimes Link:

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While dealing with concussions is usually less than desirable, we see quite a few in our office in all sports alike, not to just pick on soccer, it’s simply the hot topic button right now.  With our relationships with Ortho’s in the South Jersey areas, we can sometimes greatly help in the treatment and streamlining of the concussion process with the correct referrals for the right patient as well.  In cases of concussion with neck and upper back related tightness or pain, we are often referred patients from family doctors and orthopedics seeking Active Release Technique for those regions.  If you have questions, please give us a call at 856.228.3100.

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