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What is performance care and how does Active Release Technique play a role?

Football, Baseball, Rugby, Ice Hockey, Triathlon, CrossFit, Strong Man, Track & Field, Golf and just about all sports focus on proper movement coordination to produce a desired goal.

Mobility and flexibility are very important key factors in achieving desired strength and endurance.

Strength, endurance, coordination etc. determines our functional output and in some overall score/time/distance.

Soft tissue flexibility is important in the later stages of the healing process when a injury has occurred. At this stage, ART™ plays an important role in achieving desired local flexibility in the injured area and in the surrounding tissues (fascia, connective tissue, muscles, tendons, nerves etc.). Achieving desired local flexibility in the tissue fibers and in the surrounding tissues, will give the patient or athlete huge advantage in the rehabilitation work, and later in functional settings.

It’s important to address mobility/flexibility issues before you focus on strength etc. in rehabilitation after injury. The same applies for athletes in their building up and training.

Our daily life activities / sports interfere with our bio-mechanical loading pattern and development. Our bio-mechanical pattern in our daily life activities / sports determines how our structures are being loaded and how we developed mechanically. When analyzing the patient’s, worker’s or athlete’s bio-mechanical pattern, the ART® provider easily detects which structures and related areas that needs specific attention.

ART™ enables the provider to give precise treatment with the combination of mechanical tension and structural tension. These are the key elements when releasing different conditions in the soft tissue.

– scar tissue
– impingement’s
– nerve entrapment’s
– contractile tissues
– adhesion’s

Without the necessary flexibility in the soft tissue, the athlete or worker will generally on most levels perform at a poorer level, and he or she will increase the risk of suffering from different soft tissue and joint pain/injuries in the future.

ART™ is all about taking advantage of our bio-mechanical abilities in the work of treating injuries, optimizing tissue function or preventing soft tissue injury.

The provider utilizes his or her body positioning in order to be able to perform the treatment correctly and obtaining maximum range of motion.

The provider utilizes the bio-mechanical advantages of the tissues being treated when structural tension (hand technique) is applied in the correct area.

When correct treatments and additional programs are followed, the ART™ provider should be able to help athletes and workers avoiding conditions such as:

– impingements (supraspinatus/bursa) or compressions elsewhere

– peripheral nerve entrapments (carpal tunnel/tennis elbow/sciatica)

– micro tears, and more severe tears (muscles, tendons, fascias etc)