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If you hang around the office a bit, you will note that we work on a lot of feet and ankles.  While most people think of us purely as “back docs”, Active Release Technique providers work on the extremities (arms and legs) just as much as we work on the back if the condition/case warrants it!  While some chiropractors are not that comfortable diagnosing and working away from the spine, Active Release Techniques and Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization combined with home based Corrective Exercises gives us some great tools to go after problems like plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, sprained ankles, sore shoulders, rotator cuff dysfunction, strained biceps, overworked forearms and much more!

This past weekend, I knew that my father was coming into town and I wanted to get him fitted for a pair of Hoka shoes to help him get around a bit easier and to hopefully allow for him to walk more for his health!  In my fathers case, the reason he doesn’t walk as much as he once did it is due to heel spurs on both feet, visible on xray.  At the same time, I have another family member who also suffers badly from plantar fasciitis, heel spurs and some weight issues on top of that.  The biggest problem in her case is that she does not live within 50 miles of an Active Release Technique provider that I can find in South Carolina, so that limits her ability to have that work done.

So, as my next best fall back, I picked up a set of Hoka Bondi 4’s for her to wear and had them shipped down to her.  While I DO NOT ADVOCATE shooting from the hip like this, being that she does not have somewhat easy access to an Active Release provider, it was one of my few options left.  If you are wondering how I knew the diagnosis was at least somewhat accurate, after seeing her family doctor, he referred her to a podiatrist who made her custom orthotics, and told her she had to loose some weight to help with the plantar fasciitis and heel spur issues.  This is where the real problem starts to spin out of control in her case and why I think the Hoka’s will help her.  While she has only had them a week, she has been able to walk a good bit more with greatly decreased heel pain thanks to her new Hoka’s as well as her orthotics made by her podiatrist.  Up until this point she was barely able to stay on the elliptical for anything more than 30 minutes.  While she did her best to do the elliptical at the gym, it didn’t always work to her advantage and often left her with very sore feet.  So far, she has been able to walk outside more than she has in years with the addition of the Hoka Bondi to her routine and hopefully she sticks to a regimen of walking several days each week.  Here are few pictures of the shoes that I picked up at the Moorestown Running Co and sent down south!

dr-craig-evans-hokaoneone-bondi-heel-spurs-6 dr-craig-evans-hokaoneone-bondi-heel-spurs-5 dr-craig-evans-hokaoneone-bondi-heel-spurs-4 dr-craig-evans-hokaoneone-bondi-heel-spurs-3 dr-craig-evans-hokaoneone-bondi-heel-spurs-2 dr-craig-evans-hokaoneone-bondi-heel-spurs-1 haddonfield-running-co-dr-craig-evans-south-jersey-chiro

I choose the Bondi’s for her because she wore a mild support style shoe to have her orthotics fitted and was currently wearing that style of shoe.  While I am not the biggest fan of “aggressive support shoes”, I did not want to “rock the boat” in this case and the Bondi models have bit more rubber on the bottom in comparison to the Clifton models by Hoka.  I hope to report good results from this in a few months and will update once she has fully broke in the shoe and stuck to the plan of walking at least five days a week.

Are you or someone you know suffering from heel spurs and plantar fasciitis?  If you would like to have us try and help the situation along, please give our office a call!  856-228-3100  We find that a lot of people don’t come to us until a friend recommends them because they think they have already done all that they can do by seeing a podiatrist, having cortisone shots or even having orthotics built!  We support all those previous treatments by using Active Release and Soft Tissue Manipulation and can usually help decrease pain and gain range of motion in the lower extremities!

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