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Are you reading this blog and needing another reason to GET OUTSIDE? We have your answer inside!

As chiropractors, our primary concern is your health and well-being.  Our practice in general is a very musculo-skeletal based practice that primarily utilizes a few different tools to help relieve pain and tightness from areas of dysfunction and we have grown over time to pretty good at it.  Outside of this however, we often utilize this blog as a way of helping to keep our patients, friends, and family healthy and on the up and up!

We have known for quite a long time that long term exposure to artificial light (lights inside a building not generated by the sun) will often times disrupt our internal clock and some hormonal systems.  So when the following article, “Constant exposure to artificial lights could be affecting our health” popped up on my Medical New Today online feed, I couldn’t help but to click on it.

The article over at Medical News Today wonderfully highlights that a study published in Cell Press Journal, Current Biology, that when mice are only exposed to artificial lighting for over five months, they start to exhibit many side effects as well as a DECLINE in the quality of their health. The article explains that exposure to natural sun light as well as a somewhat regular sleeping schedule both keep your internal clock (circadian clock) synced up with night and day cycles.

One of the researchers in the study stated that:

“Our study shows that the environmental light-dark cycle is important for health. We showed that the absence of environmental rhythms leads to severe disruption of a wide variety of health parameters.”

Johanna Meijer, Leiden University Medical Center in the Netherlands

Head on over to the Medical News Today website for more info and you can find ths article at

As for our advice in your daily life, get OUTSIDE and enjoy the sun and the moon (on occasion at least) because they are more important than you think in regulating a healthy lifestyle!  Please start walking, check out a couch to 5k program, sign up for the gym, and if you must, give Pokemon GO a chance (just please be careful!).  Please also to remember to make the very best out of your today and always look forward tomorrow as best you can!