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We threw this blog together to help showcase that we are work on patients from all walks of life.  In most cases we are very well known for getting a runner or endurance athlete back on their feet quickly, and while this is probably our best and brightest niche, the goal of any chiropractic office is to help anyone we can to the best of our abilities!  We work hard at our offices to gain your trust and want you to know that often times we know what the problem is and present you with a treatment plan that should help.  Face to face word of mouth, online testimonials and reviews from former patients, speak volume for what a powerful treatment tool Active Release Technique can be when applied to injuries properly.  Below are some of our best reviews from various sources.  If you look closely you will see reviews and testimonials from track and field coaches, two sneaker shop owners, runners, and even a musician who all found a great deals of improvement utilizing our office for various coach-cieslik-cherry-hill-east-track-coach-dr-mark-kemenosh-and-associates coach-dave-welsh-haddonfield-running-co-dr-mark-kemenosh-and-associates dr-mark-kemenosh-and-facebook-reviews-associates-2016-new-updates dr-mark-kemenosh-facebook-reviews-2016-new dr-mark-kemenosh-facebook-reviews-2016-updates maureen-kelly-owner-the-sneaker-shop-of-ocnj-dr-mark-kemenosh-and-associates nick-baker-haddonfield-track-coach-dr-mark-kemenosh-and-associates

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