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Did you see who is flat out #SJFast again? Erin Donohue blasts a 4:29 Mile at the Armory!

The title of 5th fastest mile run by a female this year currently sits in the hands of local Olympian, Erin Donohue who blasted her way to a 4:29 mile two weekends ago.  That is flat out #SJFast!  Dave Welsh, the owner and training partner of Erin broke the great news to us.  Are you wondering how fast that is?  Here’s a look at the current top five fastest miles this year by an American.  The Haddonfield Alum doesn’t look to bad off on the following list.

4:26.01 … Shannon Rowbury (USA)
4:27.88 … Kim Conley (USA)
4:28.30 … Kate Grace (USA)
4:28.47 … Stephanie Garcia (USA)
4:29.67 … Erin Donohue (USA)

For more info, you can’t beat who does great work over at the following link!