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Tiger Woods Golf Facts – The Masters – Chiropractic

Hey guys! Some updates from Dr. Gross! As the resident sports addict of the office, and with no live sports to discuss, I’ll take a look back in the history books. With The Masters having supposed to be played next week, here are some interesting Tiger Woods Masters stats:

– Jack Nicklaus has the most Masters titles with 6.

– Tiger Woods is second with 5, and is still playing!

– Tiger Woods won his first title in 1997 by a still record 12 strokes. That’s like Michael Phelps winning a 200m race by 5 seconds! Or the Eagles winning a game 80-0! (Yea, right…). This was also his first Masters as a professional, and he won, which has not been done since. It had only been done once before in the history of The Masters, dating back to 1933!

– Tiger Woods won his most recent title in 2019. The 22 year gap between his first and most recent titles is also a record. He won his first title at 21 years old and his most recent at 43.

– Tiger Woods’ 2019 title came after lumbar spine fusion of his L4-L5 vertebrae in 2016. Being chiropractors, this makes his win even more remarkable! All told, he has had 4 lumbar spine surgeries, and his comeback from these surgeries to win The Masters is considered one of the greatest comebacks in the history of golf, and sports!

– Tiger has been a proponent of chiropractic in the past, and especially since his surgeries, to keep his mobility and to ensure he does not have any further issues in his lumbar spine. He says he has to start preparing 3.5 hours ahead of his tee time with chiropractic and soft tissue work for a single round of golf, and they play 4 days in a row!

– Even the best athletes in the world love chiropractic and ART, so you should too! Be safe and we will see you soon!

— Andrew D. Gross, DC

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