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Up late, but always thinking, possibly dreaming, about running, so I did a search about the Hoka One One’s…

REPOST:  This blog was originally posted on 10/07/2014!

I should probably be sleeping, but with all these local cross country runners from all over South Jersey and Philly coming in for Active Release treatment and performance tune ups, I just can’t help myself from reading and researching about running.  While I was searching, I found a blog, written by Podiatrists talking about the HokaOneOne shoes and I just could not help myself from reading.

The blog itself can be found here:

The last line of the blog is the actual reason that I stumbled onto this blog, because it mentions “sesamoiditis” which is something that my wife suffers from and we can treat very well conservatively using Active Release Technique, however, but the mileage per week for marathon training goes above about forty miles per week, her feet slowly start to fight back.  Currently we are starting to explore possibly having the sesamoid bone surgically removed or if possibly a pair of “maximalist” shoes could benefit her long range training marathons.

The last paragraph from the Podiatry Today blog states:

Fortunately, I am not seeing the injuries with Hoka One One that I saw with FiveFingers. However, similar to FiveFingers, maximalist cushioning isn’t going to benefit every runner’s foot type or heel strike. Also, not every model is designed for the same foot or supports the foot the same way. My favorite Hoka One One model is the Bondi as it hourglasses the least in the waist of the shoe. If the fit is correct (width, depth, etc.), I have prescribed Hoka One One for runners experiencing sesamoiditis and hallux limitus/rigidus as the shoe may be beneficial for those conditions.

With Dr. Kemenosh feeling pretty good about running in his Hoka One One Bondi 3’s after years of avoiding hard surfaces, we may possibly be picking up a second set of Hoka’s in the Dr Mark Kemenosh and Associates running stables.  We will keep you posted on how things go down because Dr. Mark is actually meeting with Hoka’s rep at the Sneaker Shop in Ocean City tomorrow night.  Stay tuned runners!

Wondering about where you can find the Ocean City Sneaker Shop?

Google Maps – Ocean City Sneaker Shop Link

Wondering what all the hype is about with the HokaOneOne running shoes?

HokaOneOne Technology and Info Link

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