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World Golf Fitness Summit New Orleans October 17-19th, 2016 – Recap

The World Golf Fitness Summit hosted by the Titleist Performance Institute ( TPI ) is much more than about golf. Greg Rose, DC and Dave Phillips the founders of TPI, have assembled the greatest array of trainers, coaches, doctors and therapists in the sports medicine world. This is the cutting edge of treatment, movement science, injury prevention and ultimate performance in all sports driven by the big 4 professional sports, (baseball, basketball, football and hockey).

Tom House was especially interesting discussing how he trains the top QBs and pitchers.  Grey Cook always has enlightening nuggets to drop about where functional movement is headed (sports specificity).  Guy Voyer, DO displayed some different ideas in myofascial stretching, a movement exercise called ELDOA and joint pumping were mind blowing and missing links in many therapy circles.

And of course Greg and Dave talking about the similarities in explosive sports as well as ground force reaction.

It was like TED talks for athlete geeks by the Great Sports Disruptors. Don’t take our word for it however, check it out below! LOTS OF VIDEOS FROM 2014.