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Our goal is to maintain a dedicated, caring and knowledgeable team committed to providing exceptional client services and Chiropractic Care. We strive toward this excellence through continuing education, technical advances and compassionate care for all of our patients.

“Since 2012 I have received treatment from Dr. Kemenosh, Dr. Gross, and Dr. Evans at Glenn Oaks Health and Spine. They are all extremely friendly and provide a very relaxed atmosphere at the facility. The treatment I have received has included manual adjustment and Active Release Technique designed to best fit my personal needs.
As a golf professional and fitness enthusiast my body can very easily become worn down. I am happy to say that with their help I have not missed a single golf tournament or a day in the gym due to injury.I have had the pleasure of working with them in both a professional and friendly setting and would highly recommend them to anyone who is in need of chiropractic treatment.”

~ Brad Skupaka, PGA

“Thanks to Dr. Mark Kemenosh, and the other dedicated Doctors at Glen Oaks Health and Spine Center, our distance runners at Cherry Hill High School East have thrived (3 x SJ Group 4 Champs) while navigating the aches, pains, and injuries that accompany athletes who train and compete at the highest level. As a coach I’m thrilled our athletes are treated by doctors who make themselves available to discuss diagnoses and readily offer medical advice; enabling us to maximize training, competing and healing. After returning from an appointment with Dr. Kemenosh our distance runners always remark how grateful they are to work with doctors who appreciate the hard work and time they’ve invested and understand an athlete’s desire to continue to compete and improve.”

~ Matt Cieslik

Cherry Hill High School East – Cross Country and Track and Field

“After meeting Mark Kemenosh at The Sneaker Shop a running specialty store in Ocean City, I scheduled a visit with his office. After all, what better way to find out about “ART” (Active Release Technique) than to get some work done on your own body? I was having some issues with my IT Band (Illiotibial band) that was hindering my running. I was training for a Philly 10 miler and a ½ Marathon. After my first visit, I felt amazingly better, after three visits I was 95% better. Of course, you have to follow-up with actually DOING the stretching exercises, Mark recommends! I’m not saying it doesn’t hurt a bit when you are getting “adjusted” but it is worth it! As the co-owner of The Sneaker Shop, we continue to recommend this as a non-invasive treatment to try!”

~ Maureen Kelly

The Sneaker Shop

“Hey Dr Mark, just wanted to say a quick thanks to you and your ART team for keeping me and my Delsea kids up and running our very best!!! The high school kids, and college kids continue to excel after you have worked on them, while singing your praises! I just got off the phone with one of my girls, who today was in tears at practice, but since being over at your office, now feels much better! Wow! Thanks again, for all you do,”
~ Coach Deck

“I was diagnosed with a tear in my left Quad with involvement of the Adductor muscles. The pain was never real bad but it was always there when I ran. After going to see Dr. Kemenosh and his team I began to see improvements. We started with 2 times a week. Once was ART and the other was a pretty aggressive and long Graston session. After about 4 weeks I was back to 100% but continue to get worked on because I feel that it is helping my overall performance.
First race back was an indoor Mile and I ran 4:33 which is a great opener for me!!!”
~ Dave Welsh

“Dr. Mark Kemenosh has successfully treated our Haddonfield HS cross country and track runners and members of my family since 2007. His utilization of ( A.R.T.) Active Release Therapy has allowed many of our runners to continue performing at highly competitive levels after experiencing pain that in the past would of resulted in time away from training. Numerous times I have had athletes return to practice after a single session with Dr Kemenosh with big smiles because the pain they had been experiencing when running was gone or much improved.”

~ Nick Baker

“On Labor Day of last year, I was in a bicycling accident where I fractured my right clavicle and also had a head injury (sub arachnoid hematoma). I was not able to lie flat on my back due to dizziness from the head injury. Within 1 visit with Mark performing some craniosacral work, there was marked improvement. I am now able to lie supine.
My right shoulder was very tight after the fracture healed. After performing ART, I am now fully functional in my right shoulder.
I am the owner of CK PILATES studio in Marmora, NJ. I work with lots of athletes and people who just enjoy working out. I have referred many people to Mark and they have all raved about their improvements. I would highly recommend Mark for any injury, ache or pain!”
~ Connie Kelly

“I rely on Dr. Kemenosh and his team for my monthly performance adjustment and ART session. Working out so much causes my muscles to become very tight, as well Achilles issues. An Active Release treatment always gets me back on track and I openly refer my clients to his office.”
~ Lainey Gallagher – Owner of Haddonfield Fitness

“Pilates and Active Release Technique are a perfect combination. They enable my clients to continue doing activities that they love, and at a higher performance level. Many of my clients have benefited from working with Dr Mark Kemenosh and his associates. He is the best!”
~ Lisa Gadsby
Evolving Bodies Pilates Studio

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