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Our mission is to maintain a dedicated, caring and knowledgeable team committed to providing exceptional client services and Chiropractic Care. We strive toward this excellence through continuing education, technical advances and compassionate care for all of our patients.

“I have seen six total doctors for a rock climbing injury which occurred over a year ago. I had half a dozen X-Rays done, two MRI’s, saw several varying types of doctors (orthopedic, orthopedic surgeon, chiropractic, etc.) and even though little by little, they all helped, the issue was never fully resolved. I still had pain, still had nerve damage, still couldn’t do everything that I loved doing. I went from running 12 miles daily, to none.
I was referred to Dr. Kemenosh by my general practitioner during a routine visit. When I first saw Dr. Kemenosh, and he told me that my problem would be solved within 4-6 weeks, in the back of my mind, I thought “he’s just saying that – he doesn’t know what my problem is.” But after that first session, I had a pep in my step that I didn’t have before. Indeed, about a month later, I started feeling more normal. The pain was gone, the constant popping of my knee subsided from every single step I took, to maybe when I got up after sitting for a while, or in rare situations (getting up from the floor). My “IT band of steel” was actually manageable now. I learned a lot about my core that I didn’t know before, and how it helps my knee to be stable.
I’m not 100% yet, but I’m confident that under Dr. Kemenosh’s guidance, I’ll be back to running, obstacle course races, rock climbing, and more!”

“I was seen by Dr. Kemenosh and Dr. Gross over a period of three months for my right rotator cuff pain, stiff neck, upper and lower backache. Over that period of time, my problems did gradually subside and I feel much better. Thanks for Dr. Kemenosh and Dr. Gross. They are a great team together and will highly recommend other patients. And add to that, Lynn the receptionist was an exceptional lady. She was extremely helpful in gettng my appts in and giving me great advice.” ~ Nancy Jun

“Mark is an amazingly talented healer who has treated me and my family for all kinds of injuries. His expertise in ART is amazing and I highly recommend him to anyone seeking to feel and perform better.”~ James, Mountain Lakes

“I am able to run pain free for the first time in six months! After one visit I was back on the road, pain free!” ~ Greg, Woodbury

“My tightness and tenderness have improved! I am very happy to have tried ART. Dr. Kemenosh is great!” ~ Barbie, Berlin

“Mark has helped me correct and maintain my optimal health as I approach the aches and pains of middle age. I highly recommend him.”~ Daniel, Haddonfield

“Dr. Kemenosh is an expert in treating sports injuries and physical therapy in general. Friends recommended him years ago when I couldn’t get rid of a running injury. Since then, he has been on my “highly recommend” list.”~ Denise, Philadelphia

“Dr. Mark treated my daughter, a high school athete, for a number of injuries and conditions. He and his staff were fantastic. My daughter was fully healed and in great shape to play. I would recommend him very, very highly.”~ Ed Haddonfield

“I have recommended your service to everyone in my family! We have all had back pain at some point and suffered through it, waiting for it to go away with time.
I will never wait again. I felt so much better after the first visit that I couldn’t wait to come back for the second visit. By the end of the first week, I felt like a new person.
I am now in my fourth week and I am pain free. I cannot thank you enough.” ~ Lainey Gallagher – Owner of Haddonfield Fitness

“I rely on Dr. Kemenosh and his team for my monthly performance adjustment and ART session. Working out so much causes my muscles to become very tight, as well Achilles issues. An Active Release treatment always gets me back on track and I openly refer my clients to his office.”

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