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What Physicians are saying about us…

Our goal is to maintain a dedicated, caring and knowledgeable team committed to providing exceptional client services and Chiropractic Care. We strive toward this excellence through continuing education, technical advances and compassionate care for all of our patients.

I am a pediatric orthopaedist formerly with Nemours DuPont pediatrics. Dr. Mark Kemenosh and Associates has treated many of my patients and has helped them return to activities without additional, invasive procedures. My operative patients have also been successfully treated. I have noticed a decrease in post operative pain, improved, early range of motion and decreased recovery time. Active release has become a valuable tool in my practice and Dr. Kemenosh has been providing excellent care to my patients for many years.
~ Candice Holden, MD
Board Certified Pediatric Orthopaedist

“I’ve been sending my patients and myself to Dr. Mark Kemenosh and Associates for the last few years. His team is simply the best.”
~ James J. Kwak, MD, FAAFP

“Many of my patients have seen Dr. Mark Kemenosh and his team for a variety of musculoskeletal issues with great success. Whether you’re seeking pain relief or trying to improve your athletic performance, he’s your guy.”
~Dr. Jason Chew

“Dr. Kemenosh and his associates, Dr. Gross, Dr. Evans, and Dr. Sand are an invaluable member of my treatment team for athletes. His ability to help regain and maintain proper tissue motion and balance gets my athletes back on the field quickly. I highly recommend Dr. Kemenosh and Active Release Technique to my patients!”
~ Brian Sokalsky, DO
Jersey Shore Sports Medicine

I am not only an athlete but also a sports medicine physician. I cannot emphasize the importance of keeping soft tissue mobile to help optimize performance, treat injury and prevent further injury. I know what Active Release Therapy can do to keep me moving and active through all of my crazy adventures.

~ Trina M. Lisko, DO

“We use Dr. Kemenosh, Dr. Gross, and Dr. Evans to provide Active Release to our patients for relief and recovery. It is an excellent accompaniment to physical therapy as it helps our patients get better quicker.”
~ Kiersten Langel DPT, CSCS
The Training Room Physical Therapy of Haddonfield

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