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Williamstown Badgers Tri Club – Annual Lecture – Core Strength Concepts and the Zen Runner

Dr. Craig and Dr. Mark were invited to speak at the Williamstown Badgers Tri Club this past weekend at the Virtua Health and Wellness Center in Sewell, NJ (Washington Township more or less) on Active Release Techniques and had to pull an audible at the line of scrimmage because that is what we lectured on the past two years and decided about 48 hours before the talk that the message was getting a bit stale since many of the members are already patients here at Dr. Mark Kemenosh and Associates.

Typing frantically about two days before event this past weekend, we set out to come up with a completely new PowerPoint for the talk.  I tried to cover some defined concepts in core strength based on what most runners, swimmers, and cyclists need while Mark worked out some concepts in Zen running and keeping the brain as happy as the body while being an endurance athlete.  We titled the lecture “Important Concepts In Keeping Athletes Healthy” and had a pretty solid turn out for a SNOWY odd Saturday morning.