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Bret Contreras: How Femur Length Affects Squat Mechanics – Great Post!

As I page I frequent from time to time talking about correct human movement patterns and ways to restore them, I was particularly impressed by this article at

Article Title:  How Femur Length Affects Squat Mechanics

This article particularly hits home for myself, Dr. Craig Evans, who was told very firmly during his undergrad time that there are proper ways to squat and incorrect ways to squat.  Some of the rigid rules in squatting never felt right with me and I was resigned to thinking that I had tight hips, poor glute strength, and poor spinal mobility.  While it was a very large dose of poor glute strength and a lack of thoracic spine mobility, ultimately, my femur causes me to toe out a bit not matter how much work I do on my squat stance and hip mobility drills.  During my time at Chiropractic school in Chicago however, it became more evident that often times, differently built people need to at least make small changes in the way they squat to accomplish the task.  Check out the following article for even more information on squatting!

Article Link:

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