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Heart rate training: How smart runners get fit, stay safe in summer heat by Elizabeth Licorish PhillyVoice Contributor

Very nice article published by our good friend Elizabeth Licorish on that really relates to this hot summer and runners who simply push on regardless of the temperature and humidity levels which have both reached oppressive levels a few times in the past few weeks.  The awesome part about this article for a runner is that goes beyond just “being careful” and “staying hydrated” which we all try to do.  When you look at running, cycling, and practicing for sports in this much heat from the stand point of “being careful”, you must think more about remaining safe and out of the emergency rooms of our fine local hospitals!

Below is a short sample of the article and GREATLY feel you should follow the link below and READ ON for more about heart rate training for endurance running, cycling and summer sports activities!

Running in the heat isn’t simply more demanding; it’s also more dangerous. New research suggests runners are 10 times more likely to die from heat stroke than from cardiac arrest. Some experts contend cardiac arrest still poses a greater threat. Yet, whether overexertion more likely leads to heat stroke or heart attack, the takeaway for summer runners is clear: in order to beat the heat, you must slow down.

But how slow is too slow? How fast is too fast? It can be surprisingly tough for even experienced runners to strike a balance between training efforts that are safe and still beneficial. As movements like Run 215 inspire droves of Philadelphians to make the trek from Couch to 5K, more inexperienced runners risk suffering serious heat-related health consequences.