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Training to do a race. You mean I don’t just RUN? – Recap from the Running Co of Haddonfield

Dr. Craig and Dr. Josh had the honor of speaking along with many other fitness professionals about what runners need to know, understand and at least attempt to do to stay healthy and running longer!  The meeting was started with Dave Welsh (Owner of the Running Co’s), Marc Pelerin (Owner of Train With Marc), was quickly moved towards strengthening and cross training techniques with two personal trainers.  For the final part of the afternoon talk Dr. Craig and Dr. Josh talked about repetitive stress injuries and what to do when things start to go beyond just the average aches and pains of running!

Here are some pictures from the event which was scheduled for 2 hours but I think we hung out and talk about all things running for more like 3.5 hours because I (Dr. Craig) was really in my element of talking about running and the importance of at least TRYING to remain healthy during training programs.

Overall the information was great, we talked about everything from keeping your running fun (remember that is what running should really be all about), staying healthy, eating good stuff, foam rolling, core strength, and what to do when a real injury creeps up as well as using things like Active Release Therapy to prevent these issues when you have the means to do so.  Here are some shots from the event and we hope to make the next one even bigger and better!


Presenter Links:

Dave Welsh – Owner – Running Co’s of South Jersey

Matt Hinsey – DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy) ATC (Athletic Trainer) – The Training Room of Haddonfield

Marc Pelerin – Owner – Train With Marc

Dr Craig Evans and Dr. Josh Sand – Associate Chiropractors with Dr Mark Kemenosh and Associates

Michael Suarez – Personal Trainer – Lean Body Fitness

Brandi Blair Dockett – Personal Trainer