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The Running Summit 2016 – Review and Round Up! Experts, coaches, runners from all walks under one roof.

If you missed The Running Summit held earlier this month in Cherry Hill, NJ at STACK Velocity Sports, you better read up about what all you missed!  The event has finally gotten big enough that The Training Room of Cherry Hill, NJ had to let the event spill over into other areas of the VSP building in Cherry Hill.

First up was Dr. Michael Ross who is a sports medicine physician and director of the Rothman Institute’s Performance Lab.  Dr. Ross talked about a few zones of training, as well as what you read on the internet for training versus what we know and have scientifically tested.  He greatly simplified the topic of training and made some awesome points.


Next up on the docket for the event was Dr. Ellen Casey who is a sports medicine physician and research director with the Women’s Sports Program at the University of Penn.  Dr. Casey talked about kinematic chain interactions, their importance with training, as well as common things she see’s specifically in runners.


After our two keynote speakers had said their piece, we moved onto smaller break out sessions which included a chance for our staff of Chiropractors, Dr. Craig Evans, Dr. Andrew Gross, Dr. Tim Legath and Dr. Mark Kemenosh to demonstrate Active Release Technique to a few lucky individuals with some some common running injuries.


In the picture above, you can see Dr. Craig Evans setting up to perform ART on Marc Pelerin’s left gastroc and soleus  complex which he injured running the mile a few nights before this picture was taken.  The patient was still able to run after the injury, just not well.  The admitted fault of this injury is that Marc had put track spikes back on for the first time in years to try and give a fast mile a go.  Marc was very happy with his time, 4:33, which is good enough in his eyes at this time, but after the race noted a high level of discomfort in his gastrocnemius and soleus muscles.  The best part about being a running / track coach is knowing the right people to meet up with, even on a Saturday!

dr-andrew-gross-dr-maggie-faller-active-release-technique-adductors-avid-runner dr-andrew-gross-reese-general-runner-injuris-itband-sore-hamstrings

The overall BEST part about our yearly running summit is that both we, and Mandy Huggard, the owner of The Training Room, bring out running aware medical professionals who want to meet you and answer your questions.  We worked on everything from runners knee, to sore ITBands, to what shoes might be good for different types of runners!  Make time next year if we didn’t see you this year!