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Peyton Manning gets Active Release Technique, a lot of it, and he would probably tell you to give it a spin as well!

So Mr. Never Give Up is back and possibly riding out his final rodeo in a few weeks at the “Golden” Super Bowl at the new Levi’s Stadium in San Francisco, California.  I’m guessing you have an idea of who I am speaking of, a few neck surgeries, a bad plantar fascia, a few cases of an arm that feels dead/weak.  Yes, none other than the old war horse himself, Peyton Manning of the Denver Bronco’s, who often times gets weekly chiropractic treatments which focus highly, or almost entirely on Active Release.

You don’t even have to take our word for it, the very famous Sports Illustrated writer, Mr. Peter King writes about Peyton’s Active Release treatments from the founder of Active Release on the Sports Illustrated website at the following link.

Sports Illustrated:

Yes, Dr. Mike Leahy, the creator of Active Release see’s Peyton Manning fairly regularly to keep him firing on as many cylinders as possible.  In the same article, another familar name appears, Takeo Spikes, who states he is treated with Chiropractic, Massage, and Active Release therapy 1 – 2 times per week during the season feels that that investment in his short term, greatly increases his long term care.

It’s not just football players who rave about Active Release Technique, Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls has often times met with Dr. Stuart Yoss in Chicago, an Active Release provider and chiropractic consultant to the Chicago Blackhawks and Bulls.  Here is a video shout out from the sneaky quick guard who has average over 20 points per game over his past five games.

It doesn’t stop there actually, moving on to Hockey, the former Dallas Stars and Olympic Gold Medal winner Brenden Morrow has this to say about ART:

Over the last few years while playing for the Dallas Stars, I have been receiving ART (Active Release Therapy) by Dr. Troy Van Biezen. ART helps keep me on the ice performing at a high competitive level. No other treatment has been as effective as ART. Dr. Van Biezen has been a tremendous help in keeping my muscles free and clear of scar tissue with ART and helping me recover so rapidly. Thank you Dr. Van Biezen!”

Brenden Morrow,
2010 Winter Olympic Gold Medal Champion and Former Captain for the Dallas Stars Hockey Team


One of the biggest proponents of the work we do here at the office has been Brandon Boykin, a former Philadelphia Eagle and current defensive back with the Pittsburgh Steelers.  While we didn’t release Brandon from active care, his trade ultimately pushed us to recommend him for an Active Release provider out on the other side of the state of PA.

If you have questions about how Active Release can possibly benefit you, please give our office a call so we can discuss just why ART is the gold standard for soft tissue manipulation and injuries involving tendons, muscles and joints!  856-228-3100

So you are still hanging on and still want to know more?  No worries, we have more links just for you!  The following article is written by a DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy) who discusses Active Release Technique Pro’s and Con’s as well as other types of soft tissue treatments.