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I think my “insert relative here” could benefit from Active Release, how do I find them in “insert state here”

We are starting to get this questions almost every day of the week now and while it does get repetitive answering the question, we still love doing it!  The scenario goes like this, we get questions or calls a few times a day asking how they can find a family member a reliable, “similar chiropractor to you guys” in another state or area of the country.  It could be grandma who relocated to Florida after retirement, or a cousin who lives in Seattle that you will never forgive for transferring his allegiance away from the Eagles to those birds who patrol the northwest coast lines (aka the Seahawks if you are still paying attention) and it really is easy to take a look for yourself!

  1. Go to the Active Release Technique Website at:
  2. Don’t just stop there, now go to:
  3. Put in a town, address, or zip code and the ART website database tries to find you someone.

It’s just that easy!  We are now over the 10,000 ART provider mark in North America and growing stronger everyday.  If you have any further questions, like anything else, give us a call!  856-228-3100